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Areas Served

Services are provided to residents located in Morris County, New Jersey. Kiana provides childcare services in her client’s homes, using her own transportation. A low flat rate of $10 will be added to services located more than 10 miles away. The first 30-45 minute virtual client consultation is free! She will do in-person consultations on a case by case basis. 


Kiana has experience babysitting children ages 3 months to 13 years old. Kiana brings fun and creative activities to engage children across a wide age range. She is also capable of helping with bed-time rituals like bath time, reading a story, getting pajamas on, and light clean up. Safety is also very important. Kiana prides herself on maintaining a safe and enjoyable environment for your child. She is also CPR Certified! See the Credentials page for details.

Tutor Kids N' More


Babysitting – Kiana provides in home childcare services for families in need. She plays games, watches movies, administers dinner, and light clean up. Kiana can even handle bedtime rituals and loves reading bedtime stories. She has often found herself singing children to sleep!

Group babysitting – Have you and your friends ever wanted to go out together, but one friend/couple couldn’t find a babysitter? Now you can ALL leave your children with Kiana! She will care for up to 3-4 children at a time (depending upon the children’s ages). Pick someone’s house, order some pizza, & leave your kids to have some supervised fun during your night out! No need to worry, Kiana has got you covered! Group babysitting rates will be determined on a case by case basis.

Event & Party Services

If you need an: event babysitter, an event craft done with the party guests 14 and under, a party themed activity to be done with guests 14 and under, or maybe you have something else in mind! She will either come with her own materials OR make up a list of needed materials based on the specific needs of the event/party.

Kiana will use any materials given to her by the client and return them upon completion of the event/party. She will require reimbursement from the client for any materials that need to be bought. This service is unfortunately suspended until further notice, sorry for any inconvenience!

New COVID-19 Guidelines & Booking Details

  1. Please provide (via text or email) an update of parent’s/children’s temperatures & confirmation of no COVID-19 symptoms and/or doctor’s visits 24 hours prior to booking date.
  2. Please provide COVID-19 detection or antibody test results of children or parents when available.
  3. I will provide a COVID-19 test (whichever I can acquire) result if requested. I am also willing to bring a thermometer for taking my own temperature upon arrival when requested & update parents of any symptoms when necessary as well.
  4. Unfortunately, no embraces between myself & family members until further notice.
  5. I will remain social distanced from children whenever possible while wearing a mask.
  6. I will have disinfecting wipes to wipe down any common surfaces I must touch & will use gloves if I am asked to prepare children’s food/beverages.
  7. Should you have ANY questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me! 
Please allow 2-3 days notice when booking babysitting services.  And be aware, should you need to cancel, please do so at least 24 hours or more prior to your booked time.  If you’re unable to do so, there will be a $20 fee required at either the next scheduled appointment OR immediately via Venmo. *There is no fee for rescheduling. Please do so 24 hours or more before your booking.*
Please allow 3-5 days notice when booking group babysitting services. And be aware, should you need to cancel, please do so at least 24-48 hours or more prior to your booked time. If you’re unable to do so, there will be 1-hour rate amount fee required (per parent/couple) at either the next scheduled appointment OR immediately via Venmo. *There is no fee for rescheduling. Please do so 48 hours or more before your booking.*

Payment must be provided upon completion of your booking. Cash, check, and Venmo are all accepted as payment.

Hire Kiana for Babysitting

Thank you for your time and consideration! Kiana looks forward to working with you. To book Kiana, please contact her directly. Please send her a message with any questions via the Contact page. Your message will be returned within 24-48 hours. Thank you!