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Areas Served

Kiana provides in-home private tutoring services for residents located in Morris and Essex County, New Jersey on a case by case basis based on exact location distance. A low flat rate of $10 will be added to services located more than 10 miles away.

Click here to assess whether or not your child needs a tutor.

Why you should choose Kiana to tutor your child:

Kiana has the credentials to teach children enrolled in kindergarten through sixth grade!  As a teacher, she is also versed in the New Jersey Common Core State Standards and can apply grade appropriate objectives to your child’s sessions.  Kiana’s students have improved their performance in core subjects like math and language arts while also growing in their overall confidence. Click here to read testimonials from her families!  Kiana will assess your child’s academic abilities before creating an individualized plan for your child to meet their academic goals. She has also guided students during the planning and creation stages of school projects or studying for tests/quizzes!  

Why Kiana is not like other tutors:

Kiana can also Spanish on an intermediate level, making her able to assist students with Spanish speaking skills as well!  Kiana implements mindfulness activities, like brain breaks and deep breathing, that support children’s mental health throughout their tutoring sessions.  These mindfulness practices increase your child’s ability to retain the information they gain and maintain calmness when doing so, which helps them focus! She incorporates various hands on and visual learning manipulatives within her tutoring sessions to facilitate better understanding of she teaches. Best of all, Kiana is accessible to both parents/guardians and the student’s teacher via email for any academic updates or suggested areas of study to focus on!

Kiana offers tutoring package tiers with special benefits! 

Steps to hiring Kiana as your tutor:

1. Please complete the form below.

2. Click here to schedule a consultation call to speak with Kiana about your child’s needs & other necessary information not provided in the form.

3. Review and sign the Service Policies & Agreement sent to you by Kiana within 24-48 hours after your call.

4. Use this link to also schedule your sessions of choice.

Thank you! See below for Covid-19 precautions taken by Tutor Kids n’ More LLC.

COVID-19 Guidelines

Kiana will wear a mask throughout the duration of the tutoring session.
Please inform Kiana of ANY COVID-19 symptoms and/or doctor’s visits at least 48 hours or more before the session date whenever possible.
Please immediately inform Kiana of ANY positive COVID-19 results of children or parents.
Kiana will provide a COVID-19 test (whichever she can acquire) result if requested and will inform families if she feels ill at any point that may affect the family’s needs. 
Kiana will remain socially distanced from children whenever possible while wearing a mask and/or face shield.
Kiana will have hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes to wipe down any common surfaces she or students must touch (i.e. pencils, expo markers, crayons, etc.).
Should you have ANY questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact Kiana here!