Areas Served

Kiana provides in-home private tutoring services for residents located in Morris County, New Jersey with her own transportation. A low flat rate of $10 will be added to services located more than 10 miles away. 

Virtual Tutoring

 This convenient yet effective service will provide private instruction to students in need no matter where they are! 

In-Person Tutoring

Private instruction is incredibly beneficial to young learners’ minds. Kiana will create a completely unique teaching strategy to support what your child’s learning style and needs! 

Why you should choose Kiana to tutor your child?  

Kiana has the credentials to teach children enrolled in kindergarten through 6th grade. She has four years of experience tutoring elementary school students.

The students Kiana has tutored have improved their performance in core subject classes like math, reading and language arts. She focuses on both what your child knows, and the specific objectives your child needs to meet!

In addition to typical homework and studying, Kiana has also guided students during the planning and creation stages of school projects! Kiana can also speak Spanish on an intermediate level, making her able to assist students with Spanish courses as well.

Tutoring Strategies

Tutor Kids N' More

Kiana incorporates various hands on and visual learning manipulatives within her tutoring sessions. She uses different academic strategies, and other useful study skills when teaching her students. Kiana includes academic games in her lessons and shares ones that can be played as a family!

She is also versed in the New Jersey Common Core State Standards and can apply grade appropriate objectives to your child’s sessions as well. Kiana is also accessible to both parents/guardians and the student’s teacher via email for any academic updates or suggested areas of study to focus on.

Please complete the form below BEFORE scheduling your tutoring sessions. Kiana will respond within 24-48 hours of when it’s submitted.

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COVID-19 Guidelines

I will wear a mask and face shield throughout the duration of the tutoring session.
Temperature checks of students will be administered on a case by case basis or when requested by the parent(s).
Please inform Kiana of ANY COVID-19 symptoms and/or doctor’s visits at least 48 hours or more before to booking date whenever possible.
Please provide COVID-19 detection or antibody test results of children or parents when available.
I will provide a COVID-19 test (whichever I can acquire) result if requested and will inform families when I feel ill at any point that may affect their booking needs. 
I will remain social distanced from children whenever possible while wearing a mask and/or face shield.
I will have hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes to wipe down any common surfaces I must touch. I will always wash my hands prior to preparing food/snacks and can wear gloves if requested. 
Should you have ANY questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me!