Tutoring Clients

“Kiana has been an amazing tutor for my 7 year old granddaughter.
Kiana has helped her to regain her confidence and zest for learning! Kiana is warm, patient, and very knowledgeable. Kiana is very skilled in helping my granddaughter to focus. She has made learning fun for my granddaughter while helping her to catch up on her skills in reading and math.”  – Client since November 2017

“Kiana is a great tutor!  She has been helping our 4th grader with math since the beginning of the school year. She is patient, upbeat, and encouraging. She is able to keep Ally focused on the tasks and we have seen great improvement in her skills.” – Client since September 2017

“Kiana, has been tutoring my 8yr. old daughter, who has been struggling with the concept of math in a general sense and that damaged her self-esteem. She has displayed not only patience with my daughter but she’s installed confidence in my daughter. Thru her diligent knowledge and experience, Kiana immediately identified the major areas of concern with my daughter and within one session she was able to create a task list of what she needed my daughter to work on; as well as supplying us with what resources we could use in between tutoring sessions. I have noticed a complete turn around in my daughter’s rise in confidence, eagerness to learn and fluency when doing more math. Her teachers continuously say, “whatever” we have been doing is working! I just reply, “Kiana with Tutor Kids N More, is the key”! Thank you Tutor Kids N More xoxo!”  – Client since January 2018

“I was seeking a tutor for my seven-year old daughter. I eventually found Kiana who has been a great help and source of uplifting self-esteem for my daughter. Each time Kiana comes for a session, my daughter really enjoys working with her. I hear them laughing and working on the subjects that are important for school. Kiana comes prepared each session with multiple ways of working and helping to build on my daughters confidence. I appreciate that I can share what my daughter is working on in school and Kiana will incorporate that into the session. Kiana even has coordinated with my daughter’s teachers to make sure that she is working on appropriate subjects. I have found Kiana to be very flexible in booking and when my daughter has been sick, Kiana has accommodated re-scheduling. I would not hesitate to recommend hiring Kiana to tutor your child! I believe she has a true gift of working with children to help them improve their self-confidence and skills.” – Client since June 2018

“Miss Davis was referred to me by a friend of mine who tutors her daughter. My son Marco who is in 4th was having some difficulties understanding social studies, reading, writing, comprehension. Having Miss Davis as a tutor is helping my son getting a better experience at school as well as good grades in his tests. He looks forward to every session and he feels more confident because Miss Davis keeps a positive attitude and has the right skills to help him.” – Client since September 2018

“Tutor Kids n’ More has been a game changer to our schedules. Kiana is a natural teacher she can read my sons cues and adapt appropriately!  They get a ton of work done in our sessions while having fun! I appreciate her forward out of the box thinking, planning, and collaboration. She pays attention to details and her constant monitoring of progress drives results.” – Client since July 2019

Babysitting Clients

“Kiana has been a friend of the family for many years and when I heard about her child care services, I quickly reached out to her to inquire if she would be able to babysit our then 2 year old so we could attend an event back home in New Jersey. As new parents, it can be difficult to find someone you trust to care for your child. Even beyond the relationship we had already established as friends, I was immediately taken by how much she cared for my son, and this was BEFORE she even met him. Kiana has been a blessing for our family, and we will certainly continue to utilize her services for as long as she is available.”   – Client since December 2017

 “Kiana babysat my 3 year old, and she was terrific! My little one took to her immediately, and gave her a big hug when he met her. I felt very comfortable, because he doesn’t normally do that to someone he just meets. She was very attentive with him, and I think it helps that she has had a great deal of experience working in daycare with his age group. When I arrived home, he was sleeping peacefully, and I was happy he had a good time with his sitter. I highly recommend Kiana, she gets 5 out of 5 stars from me!”  – Client since October 2018

“Please allow me to recommend Kiana Davis. Kiana is excellent with children. She cares for my 4 year old daughter and my 6 year old son with confidence and kindness. I was very nervous since this was the first time having a babysitter. From the minute my husband and I met her we were at ease. She has an amazing personality and works well with my children she’s calm and her smile can light up the room. Shes also organized and maintains order in my home which I absolutely love! The first day she even brought her own activities to teach my children and keep them engaged.. She is amazing!! We love her and couldn’t ask for a better babysitter…”  – Client since October 2018 

“As a Mom of two girls, ages 2 and 4.5, I can count on one hand the number of babysitters who have ever stayed with them. My girls are super attached and unreceptive to anyone else caring for them, which only added to the anxiety/guilt of leaving them. But…Parents need some time out too!! I found Kiana via Instagram and on our first meeting, my girls were instantly drawn to her — playing with and talking to her like they’d know her for years. Kiana is nurturing, caring and so attentive; an absolute gem of a caregiver. In addition to all of that, she is highly responsive and professional which allows us to relax and enjoy our time away :)” – Client since December 2018

“I highly recommend Kiana as a babysitter! My kids (10 and 12) always enjoy when Kiana watches them. She interacts and plays with them and my children enjoy spending time with her. I love Kiana’s professionalism as well as her genuine warm and caring nature. I am completely confident leaving my children in her care. We couldn’t ask for a better babysitter and will continue to use her services in the future.” – Client since February 2019

“Kiana has been baby sitting for us for almost a year now and from the very moment she entered our house we felt like we had known her for years! My 7 year old daughter and 9 year old son love her and look forward to her visits.  She is always accommodating, always punctual, and leaves your house in as neat and perfect condition as you left it.  She is warm and caring, while also being incredibly responsible.  You know that your children are in the upmost capable care when she is sitting! We adore Kiana and would highly recommend her to anyone!” – Client since May 2019

Event Clients

“Kiana Davis worked my sons 1st family birthday party at a restaurant. She was such a relief to have to break it up for the 7 kids that I had there. She was on time and reliable. Kiana touched base with me on confirmation of timing location and all of the supplies she had bought with receipts the week before the party. When she arrived at the party she was cheerful and immediately interacted with the children of different ages. She had them follow directions and do a cute craft while the parents enjoyed their dinner! I highly Recommend  Kiana for her services. She was a pleasure to meet and have!” – Client since May 2018

Virtual Workshop Clients

“We’ve worked with Kiana for several summer learning workshops and my 6-year old going into 1st grade has loved them! The workshops have been fun and engaging with Kiana’s energy and excitement transferring through to the group. Her positivity and encouragement has been huge for my daughter who is on the quieter side… we highly recommend!” – Client since December 2018

“My niece attended a session with Kiana last week. She is a good student entering the 3rd grade but definitely enjoys new content and workshops with Kiana has to offer. My niece was nervous yet enthusiastic about her session with Kiana and I could immediately see the confidence and excitement after completion about attending another. I would highly recommend Kiana to any child looking for more content, confidence and overall fun learning approach.” – Client since August 2020